Project Description

Espresso Mediterrani. Tueste Natural

Arabica coffee beans selected by a method that covers all the aspects which contribute to enjoyment, from the origin of the beans to the serving of the coffee.

Tasting notes: Cup with a dark cinnamon-coloured foam with sparkling glints of light; dense, compact texture. Very pronounced aromatic intensity, with ‘roasty’ notes, reminiscent of hazelnut and cereal, characteristic of Mediterrani. In the mouth has a good body with pleasant unctuosity and a lingering flavour. Slightly acidic sensation which, combined with a slight bitterness, structure a full and structured flavour. Well-rounded cup.

Characteristics: low caffeine content, advisory service for coffee shop staff, collectible tableware, store in a cool dry place.

100% Arabica coffee. 1000 g. format.

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